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A beautiful photo. A fine art glass piece. Strings of code and styling. A painting only some will understand. My name is John Madrigal and I thrive to create and learn new mediums.

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A Leap Into My Mind

I, John Madrigal, have always had an entrepreneur and creative mindset. I enjoy artistically creating things that come from my mind, capturing unique photography, and lately more so then ever, diving back into code where my journey started.

I'm also a gamer, who goes by trickell, on my non professional life side. But suprisingly games have helped my reaction time, sense of business, and how to think through solutions that others wouldn't be able to see.

I'm not incredible or the best with words, but give me a puzzle, a challenge, or something to create and I'll be able to find you a creative and great solution. Give me a chance to bring an answer, and I'll make it happen.

Explore great ideas, think of impossible solutions, and have the courage to say it's possible. Check out my resume below if your interested in the technical and professional details of my life.

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